If you’ve ever wondered why so many people are adopting smoothies for health as an integral part of their regular diet, it probably because there are tons of excellent reasons to do so. But I’ve never seen such powerful compilation of the “why” of smoothies as this one by Ryan Carmody at healthysmoothiehq.com.

Very worth reading – it’ll spark your creativity and you’ll gain some great new ideas for your own smoothies.

From Ryan Carmody…

Why do so many people consume healthy smoothies on a regular basis? I have my own reasons, but thought it would be fun and helpful for others to collect all of the more popular reasons into one spot. Initially, I planned on covering the top 10 reasons, but once I got going I realized 10 wouldn’t do justice to healthy smoothies.

While many of the reasons below are associated with a particular health benefit, several others made the list. After reading this I think you’ll be convinced that developing the habit of making healthy smoothies on a daily basis is an excellent investment of your time and money.

My favorites are numbers 3 & 4 (easier weight loss), so below is Ryan’s #3:

Check out the items below and let me know if you find it as helpful as I did…