Enjoy lounging on the sofa watching TV or reading? Not quite the image “healthy” usually conjures up!

But according to an article today on LifeGooroo.com, there is a healthy, nutritious weight loss tea drink which can burn calories and help you trim those inches while you relax at home.

The recipe is amazingly simple, and the writer assures us that it will boost your metabolism, whatever you are doing…

So how does this incredible drink work?

Cinnamon and honey, ingredients in this delicious drink, both have various health benefits for the body: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties as well as much more. When combined, they can help you shed excess weight as part of a program of healthy diet exercise.

Cinnamon Honey Calorie Burning Weight Loss Tea Recipe

2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 cup water

For full details head over to the original article on LifeGooroo.com

Note: Take heed of the warning in the instructions – complete and enjoy the drink once it has cooled.

Photo courtesy ListsBuzz.com