This is fascinating!

Here’s a short video clip (58 secs) reporting the amazing conclusions of a very interesting study by independent filmmaker, Sergei Boutenko.

Sergei tested the impact on a group of 10 athletes of drinking whole-food based green smoothies. The athletes – ten Ultrarunners and CrossFitters – kept to their normal training and racing regimen but added a quart of green smoothies each day for 6 weeks.

I set out to research whether green smoothies could positively affect endurance. The results of this study show that yes, in fact green smoothie do improve endurance…

In this clip Sergei sums up their conclusions – backed up by the medical and nutrition experts engaged, as well as the outcomes described by the athletes themselves.

If you like to exercise, you MUST see this film! Watch the clip on the Next Page, and if you like, watch the whole documentary. Its fascinating!