One of my smoothie “heroes” is Robyn Openshaw (… Robyn recently published her “most famous recipe” – probably the perfect pink smoothie breakfast!

So today, on the next pages below, we have not only this deliciously popular smoothie recipe, but also a demonstration video Robyn recently recorded showing exactly how she prepares it.

Its not the recipe you might have expected, as Robyn explains…

You’d think that a green smoothie recipe would be the one that the MOST people have copied, and adopted into their permanent repertoire of super-healthy, super-delicious, easy habits. But it’s not! This is one of just a few most-popular GreenSmoothieGirl recipes. I’ve had people come up to me on the street and say, “I love Hot Pink!”

The beets purify your blood, the carrots actually tan your skin (or they have a similar effect) and strengthen your eyesight, plus about 100 other things that carotenoid antioxidants are famous for.

Yes, my favorite breakfast, the Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, which I’ve had several times a week, for over 15 years–has raw carrots and beets


On the Next Page you’ll find Robyn’s Famous Hot Pink Smoothie recipe, with her video after that…