One great way to reduce calories and lose weight is to serve a smaller portion. That’s why we give you different portion and calorie options with our smoothie recipes, like this tasty pineapple and coconut dessert smoothie from Lidl. You can choose the portion size to fit in with your healthy eating meal plan on any given day.

Serving a smaller portion is all very well, but a half empty plate (or glass, in this case!) is so discouraging!

Tell me about it, lol!

I find using a smaller crockery item, be it plate, bowl or glass, stops me feeling deprived for I’m not getting a bare, half-empty plate, but a full one! (And you will be surprised how quickly you get used to the smaller size!)

Another tip is to eat slowly to allow your brain time to catch up – you just might not need that extra portion and you could save dessert for later.

I’m sure you’ve heard these tips before. Sometimes we just need a reminder to get us going, or a little boost to keep us on track.


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