Want to learn to eat healthier, but no idea where to start? Here’s an excellent fast-moving video from BeautyByNicole4 on Healthier Versions of Unhealthy Foods. Not for “purists” but great if you are just starting on healthy eating. You’ll see 14 or more easy to prepare demonstrations in just a few short minutes! Well worth watching!

It’s amazing just how many suggestions Nicole covers in a short video:

  • Healthier sandwiches
  • Use Humous instead of mayo
  • Cheese & ham – from the deli counter instead of pre-packaged (and processed)
  • Add veg – eg spinach
  • Chocolate covered banana & peanut butter bites
  • Water – fresh fruit flavors
  • Zuchini noodles (instead of pasta
  • Use honey as sweetener
  • Banana & egg “Pancake”
  • Honey instead of syrup
  • Dark chocolate strawberries
  • Sweet potato french fries
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Carrot “french fries”

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