Just yesterday I ran across this interesting video where they share their 7 principles of a healthy diet – including juicing & smoothies. Its from Robin Openshaw (GreenSmoothieGirl) and lasts only around 3 minutes.

Check out the Robin’s comments and video below and let me know what you think…

From Robin Openshaw (GreenSmoothieGirl)…

Do you agree with my new video? Is a PERFECT DIET the same for everyone?

With so many competing “food cults” trying to tell us what to eat, it is easy to wonder if there is ONE right way to eat. I don’t believe so. I do think, though, that there are some TRUE PRINCIPLES that apply to everyone within a framework of genetic biodiversity.

What’s right for you might not be right for me. But that doesn’t mean that anything goes! Some foods are just bad, PERIOD. And some foods are great for everyone. (Unless you have compromised gut health leading to food sensitivities or outright allergies.)

Check out my new video on 7 Principles of the Perfect Diet, and tell me what you think. This video shares the basic truths that have emerged from my 25 years of studying nutrition plus application of experience and common sense.

Do you agree, or not? Tell me what YOUR experience is! Anything I left out?

To your health!

—Robyn Openshaw

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