I just discovered this cool article from Joanne Beccarelli (FitLife.tv) where she shares a bunch of super time-saving tips for when you’re too busy to juice every day.

With juicing being so popular & accepted as beneficial, doing it right usually means either

  • making it a regular part of your daily routine, or
  • doing a juice fast, depending on what you need

Juicing rapidly solves the urgent problem of being overfed and undernourished and is great for

  • kick-starting a weight loss program,
  • doing a seasonal cleanse or
  • fixing a toxic overload

Joanne’s article continues…

…often, the merits of juicing and juice fasting are not what stop people from trying it, TIME and EFFORT are what get in the way.

Everyone is different and with all the different lifestyles, juicing can be more challenging for some versus others. When you have family commitments, work, commuting, etc. then time is a element you might need help with so that it does not become another excuse.

Over on the Next Page you’ll find some time saving strategies to help juicing fit into a busy life.
Choose the tips that work best for you: