I’ve just been reading an excellent article by Kris Gunnars of AuthorityNutrition.com. Its about the value of 20 different weight-loss foods and how they contribute to shedding inches. Now that’s a big help, for 2 reasons-

1. informs my choice of foods to drive my weight back down to where it should be

2. corrects several misunderstandings for foods I’d been lead to believe were “bad”

For example, it seems:

  • whole eggs have a much restored reputation
  • unprocessed red meat IS good to eat after all (see number 5)
  • come back number 6, all is forgiven!
  • my father took number 12 regularly
  • I didn’t know much about “the most nutritious foods on the planet”, number 18

Weight-Loss Foods – bear in mind what Kris points out…

Not all calories are created equal.

Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body.

They can have vastly different effects on hunger, hormones and how many calories we burn.

Here are the 20 most weight loss friendly foods on earth, that are supported by science.

I was pleased to see pretty-well all the main juicing ingrediants where included in the top 20…

Check out Kris Gunnars’s enlightening article for yourself over on AuthorityNutrition.com

Photo courtesy zwemza.files.wordpress.com