Is there a good answer? Something healthy, affordable, and takes little time to prepare? Something that would provide a much better nutritional balance than McDonalds, be ready in a few minutes, and not cost an arm & a leg!

Maybe…according to, that’s what Adam Dachis discovered when he tested the “complete meal replacement” drink – see his Soylent review.

The official Soylent product is made up of mostly carbohydrates—50% to be exact. The rest is 30% fat and 20% protein. Getting these percentages involve a lot of oat flour, maltodextrin, and brown rice protein isolate, plus a little oil and fiber. Mixed with a large amount of water, you end up with a dense, mildly sweet, and somewhat grainy drink that’s actually not terrible—especially if you add a small amount of flavoring of your choice. (Think frozen fruit, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, and stuff like that.) The creators of Soylent have spent countless hours trying to perfect the formula, and after trying it myself I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job. It’s something you’d actually drink.

But there’s a huge problem – there’s not enough official Soylent to go around, so it can take weeks to receive the product to even try it out.

Check out Adam Dachis‘ full article to reveal some super tools so you can make soylent DIY…

Photo – thanks to Arpit Gupta

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