Essential reading for anyone serious about healthy eating – I found this collection of concise myth-busting nutrition tips quite enlightening! All written by Registered Dieticians. 

There’s a great satisfaction from finding the perfect balance between eating well, exercising well, and treating yourself!

So it was quite a shock to realize that a surprising number of the “healthy” rules we’ve followed for years are indeed far from healthy!

One of these revelations was that pre-made smoothies are not good for me, just as eating egg-white omelets was a waste of time! 

Here’s another one – number 4… it’s about smoothies…Thinking all smoothies are automatically healthy

“A smoothie with only fruits and fruit juice is essentially dessert!

For a healthy smoothie, make it at home so you know what’s going into it:

  1. ensure that for every cup of fruit there are 2 cups of veggies,
  2. opt for plain Greek yogurts instead of flavored ones, and
  3. add in milk, coconut water, or even just plain water instead of fruit juice.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment; avocados can replace bananas to add a creamy texture, and beets and carrots add natural sweetness.”

—Rebecca Lewis, in-house R.D. at HelloFresh

Read the full article for all 15 registered dietitians, each with a brief explanation of the “healthy” habits you can forget about:

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