The great thing about smoothies is that, when they’re prepared properly, they can help provide key nutrients we typically fall short of in our daily diet.  Fiber and protein, for example, are essential for digestion and cell regeneration. But both also help you feel full up so you avoid the urge to snack or overeat at your next meal time.

Smoothies have become very popular, but there is a problem… Many smoothies to buy already made are not always the healthiest choices.

That’s why its very important, especially if you are aiming to lose weight or trim the tummy, that you act on tips like these 5 below, put together by Mary Caldwell on…

Size matters, and so do ingredients.

Watch out for the “health halo” that seems to surround smoothies, and avoid anything that’s described as creamy, decadent or that includes whipped cream or drizzles of anything – Marisa Moore, a local dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

We’ve also added a model recipe as a guide at the end of this article…

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