I just ran across this set of cool paleo smoothie recipes from Shell Harris (smoothieweb.com) where she shares a TON of healthy weight loss smoothie ideas.

Shell doesn’t go into a great bunch of detail on how these work in your body, but she explains thesignificance of “paleo”.

It’ll really get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with some great new ideas for your own smoothie recipes.

Check out the recipe below and let me know what you think…

Shell introduced the article…

Paleo, or Paleolithic diets have become increasingly popular especially for weight loss. The basic premise is that human bodies have not sufficiently adapted to eating foods that weren’t available some 10,000 years ago. More than 70% of food available today was not available in Paleolitic times. It’s no secret that humans, Americans in particular, consume a lot of processed food with additives and preservatives that just can’t be good for the body, especially in large quantities.

A Paleo diet is based on consuming meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little starch and no sugar, grains, legumes or alcohol. While that may seem extreme, there’s no doubt that heading in that direction with your diet can have significant health benefits. You may not want to go completely Paleo, but consider adding some Paleo smoothies to your routine. Here are some benefits you can expect.

One of the best benefits of smoothies in general is that the body will absorb as much as four times more nutrients from blended food than it will from food that has to be chewed. Greens are the most nutrient dense food group on the planet.

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