Tip 1. Smoothies for Diabetes

If your dealing with diabetes its important to keep the glycemic index low. This means no high sugar tropical fruits. Stick to apples, berries and citrus for your fruits and ample greens for the bulk of your smoothie.

Cinnamon is a naturally insulin regulating food, so adding a 1/2 tsp or so of cinnamon is useful (29).

The high fiber content will help regulate blood sugar levels, adding some protein powder from high quality whey protein or a scoop of almond butter is a good way to fend off sugar cravings (30).

Tip 2. Adrenal fatigue and Green Smoothies

Rebuilding the strength in your adrenal glands takes time, but you can accelerate it by focusing on certain elements in your smoothie.

Raw cacao is energizing but also incredibly high in magnesium, adding a tablespoon to your morning smoothie will boost your energy and soothe stress.

Coconut oil is useful for fighting adrenal fatigue and provides a nourishing source of long term energy. Herbs like rhodiola and ashwaganda which you can find at the health food store in tincture form are calming and stabilizing.

Instead of using water in your smoothies I recommend making a strong brew of nettle tea the night before, enough to last a few days, and including this infusion as your liquid of choice. Nettles are very high in minerals and important b-vitamins, key to healing adrenal exhaustion.

Tip 3. Lose Weight With Power Packed Smoothies

Stimulating the metabolism with warming smoothie additions like cayenne and ginger are great for boosting weight loss (31). Extra protein is useful if your trying to lose weight, try adding some high quality whey (sourced from grass fed cows) or a scoop of almond butter.

Tip 4. Ingredients for Heart problems

Adding a source of omega-3 to your smoothies is vital if you have heart problems (32). You can achieve this through hemp seed oil, flax oil or fish oil, many fish oils are flavored and you can’t even tell they are fish.

Seek out a pure and high quality fish oil in liquid form such as arctic cod liver oil.

Adding some hawthorne tincture is also beneficial and raw cacao has been shown to have heart healthy compounds.

Tip 5. Improve Digestion

If you suffer form digestive problems it may be best to use greens with lower fiber content, ex. instead of kale use spinach. Additions like aloe vera juice, fresh mint, fresh ginger and inulin are very soothing to the digestive tract.

Tip 6. Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can manifest in a variety of ways, often joint pain is a good indicator. Try adding fresh or powdered turmeric root to your smoothies as its been shown to alleviate inflammation (32). Cayenne is also useful for this condition. Many inflammatory conditions are made worse by an overly acidic diet, just adding in a green smoothie may help lower inflammation all by itself.

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