I’m always on the lookout for fast (healthy) food, so how does just 90 secs sound for an own-recipe, healthy, breakfast or lunch smoothie?  Thanks to Harley Pasternak at Rodales Organic Life for telling me how to do it.

The idea wins on several counts in my mind: a no-recipe smoothie, yet all the elements of a super-healthy one are there.  And I learn what supplies to make sure I keep on hand, increase my fiber intake and watch the calories.

Pasternak says …

Once you understand the science behind the ingredients, you’ll be able to create an infinite variety of meal-replacement smoothies whenever you want. You can exercise a lot of creativity … here’s a basic formula to make your own, depending on what’s in season or just what mood you’re in.

Not only that, but I can increase my fiber intake and watch the calories with the help of this chart at wehealny.org

Source: RodalesOrganicLife