Another super weight-loss smoothie today – a cool Strawberry Basil Green Smoothie recipe. Its a combination I really like too! Thanks again to Tracy Russell (

This one uses her own home-made almond milk, so you get 2 recipes for the price of one! Maybe not as convenient as store-bought product, but you get something fresh, avoid questionable additives and chemicals which could potentially leach out into the milk from its container.

Check out Tracy’s comments and recipe below and let me know what you think…

Strawberry and basil is a winning combination!

This is a smaller green smoothie, but it’s still filling. I wanted to keep it simple to really highlight the basil flavor.

I added chia seeds as they are a great source of omega-3’s and protein. I soak them before adding them to my smoothies so they don’t swell up and make the smoothie thicker after I blend it.

I like to make my own almond milk as my family goes through it very quickly. You can find a link to my recipe in the ingredients list below.

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