I just found this cool smoothie recipe from Shell Harris (SmoothieWeb) where she’s managed to spice up the flavor beautifully with a novel ingredient mix. It’s a real taste-bud tingler!

Shell explains briefly the combination of ingredients, and of course provides her recipe, instructions,with nutrition facts and analysis. It’ll not only give you something to talk about with your friends, but provide some novel input for your own smoothie recipes.

Give it a try and tell us how it works…Here’s a comment from Shell…

Banana goes very well with honey, as most fruits do, but banana and nutmeg also blend very well.

Consider making a boring banana smoothie something to talk about and spice it up with nutmeg and indulge your sweet tooth with a bit o’ honey. Not exactly a diet smoothie, but they don’t all have to be, right?

On the other hand, it only contains 344 calories. That is using low-fat milk and 1 teaspoon of honey.

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