Blender Buying Guide

Ideally you’ll want to go with a high powered blender, these really get the job done well and last a long time.

If your budget is limited, opt for a lower cost version with similar features. You’ll have lots of choice.

But consider this – high powered blenders (like the vitamix or blendtec blow) are much more versatile. You can do much more with these than just make smoothies…

As Chantelle Zakariasen comments…

Anything from nut and seed butters, hummus, soup, baby food, sauces, dressings, spreads,nut milk, grinding your own flours from whole grains, coffee, and more.

My high powered blender is definitely the most utilized tool in my kitchen and typically they last for 10+ years.


Best High Powered Blenders

  • Vitamix 5200
  • BlendTec
  • Omega Commercial Blender

Best Low Budget Blenders

  • Ninja Professional NJ600
  • Oster Beehive Ostercizer
  • Cuisinart Smart Power Premier

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