…whole-food green smoothies!”

Today’s smoothies are far from what they were 20 year’s ago! …and its just as well for the sake of our health, according to Robyn Openshaw (TheGreenSmoothieGirl).

Way back then, your typical smoothie would have been based on (probably canned) fruit juice, plus greens such as spinach and alfalfa – far more calories and much less nutritionally rich than today.


We called it “green cream.” I bet I bought $2,000 of pineapple juice in those years. Now, I shudder to think of that. I literally NEVER drink juice.


Back then, I didn’t know that it has as much concentrated sugar in it as soda has—although, it’s a natural sugar without all the chemicals added.


When you take the fiber out of the fruit, leaving only the juice, a glass can contain the sugar of 8 oranges! Without the fiber to slow down impact on blood sugar, you’re in trouble.


“I used to drink fruit juice, until I discovered whole-food green smoothies.”

For more info on the changing smoothie world towards much healthier recipes designed to help in weight-loss or to alleviate specific health issues, go over and read Robyn’s original article here: Robyn Openshaw

Photo also courtesy Robyn Openshaw

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