Here’s a cool short article about research at University of Michigan where they discovered that a diet plentiful in blueberries could help with trimming our tummies!

It’s only a short article, and the findings are preliminary, but they cover the impact of fresh and frozen blueberries on weight reduction.

Looks like a great idea for your own smoothie recipes.

Blueberries Battle Belly Fat

Long considered a super food, another benefit of blueberries was discovered in a University of Michigan lab. New research found a diet rich in blueberries may help diminish belly fat. Abdominal fat has been linked with both heart disease and diabetes, even in folks with a normal BMI.

Although the study was performed on rats, the beneficial decrease of belly fat occurred with both of high- and low-fat diets.

More research is needed on humans, but these findings back up data from earlier studies on the benefits of blueberries on male populations at risk for heart disease.

This means you can add blueberries to your diet all year,  whether fresh or frozen.

Tip: The darker the berry the more antioxidants it will provide….

Read on at the origianl article for more info on how even frozen blueberries can help keep off the mid-bulge:  Michele Foley of

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