Are there ways to reduce the menace of throat mucus? Recent studies show there are indeed.

Not that mucus is always a menace! No, it an essential defence mechanism in areas of your body such as nose. But continually having to clear your throat or nose can get very annoying. And we all know how miserable a cold can make us feel.

I came across an article from Antonia ( which brings together several studies and presents them as an easy to understand infographic.

So when you find you have too much mucus, what you eat can either stimulate or suppress the production of mucus…

Mucus, also known as phlegm, is produced by your body from areas like your nose and intestines. While it is a defence mechanism, too much can make colds and allergies far worse, causing miserable and painful coughs – your body’s attempt to rid itself of the excess mucus.

Thankfully, there are ways to ease the irritation, by avoiding certain foods that can increase mucus buildup. When mucus goes from helpful to annoying, like when fighting off a cold or allergies, these are the four top foods you will want to avoid:

1. Dairy Products

2. Certain varieties of fruits and vegetables

3. Wheat

4. Beverages that lead to dehydration

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