Are you noticing the weather changing where you are? Is summer starting to wane already? You have to try this oh-so-yummy summer cantaloupe smoothie mocktail and make the summer last a little longer. It’s full of fresh summer flavors and rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients.

And if summer is not yet on the wane in your area then you still have the blessing of sitting on your deck of an evening sipping this lovely sparkling drink. (Just don’t have it for breakfast if you make the cocktail as opposed to the mocktail, lol!)

The recipe is from EAStewart who is the SpicyRD. She uses a ‘muddler’ in this recipe and she had me wondering what that is! If I had just been patient and read the post properly I would have found out, but I raced on to the recipe and read in the directions that I had to …

… tear up 10 mint leaves in to a glass and muddle them with a muddler

So, what is she talking about? Well, as was stressed over and over and over in the run-up to exam time at school, ‘Read the whole question before starting your answer!’ How quickly we forget, lol! (And you would not believe how many errors I made as a result of not reading this post carefully before barging ahead!)

Anyway, it turns out a muddler is not a mis-spelling for a middle-school student, but a small pestle-like tool, as in a pestle and mortar. So now we know, lol!

Now, I just have to decide if this legitimately comes into the smoothie category or should I put it in the juicing section?

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