Healthy and delicious smoothies make the best breakfast, snack, or even dessert drinks – according to Easy & fast to make, plus the tastiest way to have a meal on the move. So bring out your blender and get creative in your kitchen! There’s no end of choice when it comes to all things blended.

To get you started, we’ve pulled in smoothie recipes from 20 or so of our favorite food bloggers. You’ll find serious blended inspiration here over the coming days – great ideas for your own smoothie recipes.

Check out this 1st of our Meal on the Move Smoothies recipe and let me know how you like it…

Meal on the Move Smoothies #1 – Strawberry Pineapple & Kale
You would never know this smoothie had kale in it if it wasn’t right there in the title. Don’t be put off by the mention of veggies — it’s sweetened with pineapple and banana.


Kale has a reputation as a superfood. There isn’t a standard definition of a superfood but they typically contain high amounts of essential nutrients, and kale is loaded with Vitamins A, C, E, and K, fiber, iron, calcium, and several other minerals.

It’s a green smoothie that doesn’t taste “green” at all, mixed in with a creamy strawberry layer. So if you have any doubts about this whole green smoothie trend, well, at least half of the smoothie will be on familiar grounds.

Either way, you’ll still love the green layer on top, sweetened with bananas and pineapple – a wonderful tropical kick to your busy mornings!

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