Super for summer… I just ran across this cool article where they share a TON (12!!) delicious freezer-smoothie recipe ideas.

They don’t always go into much detail on how these work in your body, but they’ll really get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with some great new ideas for your own (frozen fruit) smoothie recipes.

Not only that, but as Brooke Schuldt of points out…

There is no denying that mornings are stressful.

Getting yourself dressed, fed, and out the door is almost as hard as fighting the urge to hit snooze just one more time.

We’ve managed to find some healthy, delicious freezer smoothie recipes that you can make in advance, making mornings a little easier and your belly a little fuller.

I’ve selected my favorite 3 of the 12 recipes for you today…Scroll down to the next page to check out the 1st recipe