Did you overindulge at Thanksgiving? Are you looking for something slightly zingy to refresh the tastebuds, give you some energy, boost your digestion, and yet not pile on the calories? We have a tasty smoothie here for you from Melanie at GatherForBread (with just a tiny addition from me, lol!) The recipe is at the end of the post, as usual.

Enjoy this yourself or share it as a snack. And adjust the ginger to your own taste, building up to more if you like it.

I know I’m always turning back to good health when I break out the smoothie recipes. They’re the perfect way to get me back on track after a [period of] indulgences and pleasures.

I’m loving the combo flavor of blueberry and orange. I’m going be looking for other ways to combine it in other recipes as well. It’s just amazing together!


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