As temperatures dropped for winter, if you’re like me, you started considering soup and huge warm bowls of bean stew. Unlike during the summer when I easily find myself craving a great big green smoothie after an intense activity, a large dish brimming with vegetable soup can be appealing.

However, I still find smoothies to be the best approach to packing in all the healthy nutrients from veggies and fruit with almost no prep time!

And here’s a great example – a perfect Apple Smoothie recipe from Krysta (at – a delicious smoothie, good for keeping the doctor away, and great in the winter chills too!

I’m thankfull we can enjoy smoothies, even if the temperature goes down to winter lows.

I like Krysta’s tip for winter smoothies below…

This lovely Green Apple Smoothie is crisp and perfect for the cooler days.

I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with smoothies when the temperatures drop, but your body will thank you for working them in, even if not regularly.

One tip for continuing smoothies through colder weather: forget the ice cubes. You can still make an awesome smoothie without it being ice cold!

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