I’m beginning to sound like a broken record as I advocate and substitute ‘real’ food for protein powders in smoothies! Because we’re worth it!!!

Just because ‘everyone is doing it’ is no good reason for me (or you) to do the same thing. In fact it is more like a red flag to a bull to me and I’ll do the opposite, because I’m thrawn … now that’s a good old Scots word for stubborn, contrary!

I know I’m not the only person in the world who is not a body-builder wanting to create massive muscles. There are lots of us left in the world. And we do not need high levels of protein. We do not want to put on weight, nor have it store as fat in our bodies, not see our liver and kidneys have problems.  And even if you are very active, real food comes with good protein and a lot more nutrients than protein powders.

“Ouch!” OK, I felt that! I’ll get off my hobby horse, lol! But, as a final comment, I’ll just point out that over the last fifty years, since science got involved in our foods and big companies saw massive dollar signs in what they were advocating, our health has taken an equally massive tumble!

Selecting smoothie recipes to share with you can be very hard. We don’t want to encourage ‘sugar bombs’ that will make us unhealthy nor do we want protein powders – the bandwagon everyone seems to have jumped on. But we’ll keep scouring the net to bring you the best out there.

Now that the lecture is over, this latest recipe is from Justyna and Bart at VeryBreakfast. The recipe is over the page.


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