We’ve enjoyed several delicious recipes before from Tiffany at LeCremeDeLaCrumb, and this berry oat smoothie recipe is no exception.

However, it includes 3 tablespoons of honey in the recipe – that’s 192 calories!

And following on from our recent post about cutting sugar, see The Secret to Effective Weight Loss, we wanted to switch that out and include more nutrients and healthy fats for those wasted calories.

The result is a delicious – we think! – sweet-with-no-added-sugar, smoothie that is denser in nutrients and lower in calories than the original. Plus it is filling and there is enough to replace a meal for 2 people, or two meals for 1 person, if you wish.

Note, this is not a snack smoothie unless you take a smaller serving.

One other comment: I find that if I try to keep a smoothie that has greens in it, then the green flavor becomes more pronounced. This recipe does not have spinach or kale (although you throw some in, if you wish!) so should keep a little better. Store in the refrigerator, covered.

TRY IT and tell us what you think.


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