It’s really quite easy to make a smoothie fit into our healthy eating weight loss program: just make sure you add some protein and healthy fat to balance out the fruit and help make it filling.

BTW, this is also how to make a smoothie suitable for anyone with diabetes – that and not adding your whole day’s worth of fruit into one smoothie. However, if you have diabetes you should always check with your medical professional.

This pear green smoothie is based on a recipe from StyleCraze where the author asks …

… [do you ever] wonder why health cannot come dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles? Does the very thought of healthy food make you curl up in a ball on your floor?


The truth might be bitter to swallow, but this smoothie certainly isn’t. Subtly spiced, with the pear adding the much-needed sweetness, this smoothie shall make you go the Popeye way.


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