I love to add a ripe pear to a smoothie as it makes such a difference to the flavor. And ‘ripe’ is the important word here. That and a splash of lemon juice just seems to lift the flavor.

This recipe is from Cassie at the website Wholefully. You can make the smoothie as is, or take note of the adjustments we’ve suggested, either to simply reduce the calories or to make it into a meal replacement smoothie suitable for a healthy eating weight loss program.

Cassie is cutting back on sugar …

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that when I used to make a smoothie before, it was pretty sugar-heavy. As in, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to put banana, sweetened yogurt, sweetened almond milk, and some honey or maple syrup in there. Smoothies were much more dessert-like than the healthy breakfast option they are supposed to be.

Thankfully, I’ve started to go easy on the sugar in green smoothies, and I’ve found they are still totally delicious! In fact, they may even be more delicious because you can actually taste the fruit flavors, instead of them just tasting like sweet, if that makes any sense? And you still don’t taste the spinach. Even without all that sugar.


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