You have a choice today with this delicious mango lassi smoothie or mango lassi meal replacement smoothie.

Why the 2 options?

We’ve done this so you can decide which fits better into your healthy weight loss meal plan. Some days you’ll want a slightly lighter version and on another day you have room to replace a meal with a tasty smoothie.

While many folks do not want to constantly count calories, some still like to keep an eye on their daily intake to be sure they are not overdoing things. I find that if I know roughly where I am at any given point in the day, I know if that tempting extra snack will put me over the top or not.

To make it easy for you to choose this as a snack, we have given the calories for 2, 3, or 4 servings – where 3-4 servings are snacks. If you add honey to the recipe remember to add the extra calories: 64 per tablespoon used.

The recipe comes from Skinnyms where the author says …

This traditional Indian beverage is the perfect afternoon energy-booster … Mango Lassi smoothies are thick and creamy in texture but refreshingly tangy in taste … Our foolproof version offers the same fruity sweetness and buttery texture [of the original higher calorie drink] while boasting a nutritional profile you can sip without worry!


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