Are you still with us and sticking to your healthy eating weight loss program?

You have a choice which way to enjoy this tasty smoothie from Laura at TheFirstMess: straight, as Laura gives it; or with some oats and seeds to balance out blood-sugar levels, and to make it more substantial. The former is only 170 calories but, while giving you energy, will not give you the staying power of the second, which is approximately 250 calories.

Spinach and kale are the usual go-to greens for a green smoothie. However, have you tried beet greens? They are similar to chard and pack a punch of nutrients, too. Beet greens are an excellent source of iron, calcium and magnesium, Vitamin A, K and C (especially in the fresh leaves), and B-complex group. Beets generally are pretty nutritious but the most nutrient part of the plant are the greens. So next time you buy beet, don’t throw away the greens but use them, too.

Laura says …

I absolutely love this stuff for breakfast. It’s green, sure, but it’s also minty, punctuated with a nice hit of lime, cold from frozen peaches/mango and lightly sweet. Sometimes I’ll tote one to work if I haven’t had enough time to rustle up a little meal pre-shift and it most definitely hits the spot. Anyway, I know there’s a lot of green drinks and smoothie recipes out there … but this one is my favourite because it really does taste great and I feel like a million bucks once I finish up that last sip.


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