This has to be one of my most favorite smoothie recipes. It’s my variation on a pina colada which is always a popular combination. I love that it’s filling and full of protein and fiber, with just a hint of gingery spice – although the amount of ginger you use is up to you and can easily be increased.

Did I say this is a green smoothie? I know it’s not in the title, but it was getting rather long, lol! Anyway, there is a really healthy dose of green nutrients here, too. And if I don’t have any fresh spinach or kale then I use frozen.

And then there’s coconut which has many benefits …

It can boost your metabolism to help burn more calories, improves cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure and improves heart health, it can reduce appetite and thus make you eat less, to name but a few.

from Weight-Loss Program: Coconut Green Smoothie


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