We are collating smoothies to save you time, and as we do, we look to see how they fit into various categories, losing weight being one of the most significant.

We’ve said before that coconut is good as part of your healthy eating weight reduction program because it gives your metabolism a little boost. (Note: this effect does not last all day, but only occurs in any given meal of which coconut is a part.) And as with all things, eat it in moderation. While it has been shown to help weight reduction, as it is high in calories it will only do so if you do not have too much.

This smoothie is based on a recipe from Olivia at PrimaveraKitchen. Olivia uses one tablespoon of chia seeds and we switched that for shredded coconut. However, feel free to use whichever or to alternate them.

Olivia says that as breakfast is the first meal of the day …

… it should be full of nutrients to give us all the energy we need [to make a good start] … During the week I really love a good fruit smoothie. I’ve never made a cherry smoothie before, but I made this morning and it tasted really good with the sweetness of the pineapple. Humm… so yummy! My pineapple was so sweet … I’ll be making this smoothie more often.


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