This delicious smoothie will fit nicely into our healthy eating weight loss program. It is filling because it’s full of healthy fats and will give you loads of energy to get your day off to a good start. Use it to replace a meal.

The recipe is from Beth at Tasty-Yummies (with just a couple of tweaks from me) and you’ll find the details over on the next page.

I can be very lazy sometimes. I usually prefer to do things that do double-duty or can be done/used a second time for one amount of effort. Smoothies are no different. I love to make double the quantity, especially as it takes no time to increase the amount of ingredients. That way I have one smoothie in hand (or in the refrigerator, actually!) for when the munchies strike, or for lunch. It also means I don’t have to waste time making lunch when I should be working.

Beth says …

This filling and creamy little drink is so smooth and thick, almost milk-shake like. The flavor from the mango and banana are so bright and fresh which pairs so nice with the smooth creamy taste of the coconut and vanilla.


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