We aim to provide you with healthy smoothies that fit within a healthy eating weight loss plan. This tasty arugula, orange and banana smoothie does just that. At only 280 calories a glass it is a filling breakfast drink, or you could have two smaller glasses as snacks throughout the day.

It’s interesting how most salad greens have very little taste yet there are a few that are very distinctive. Take arugula, for example, it stands out for its pepperiness. I’ve only added a small handful of leaves previously, so adding a packed cup … well, I did wonder about it. I do like peppery things though.

However, if you are not sure you’d like the strong peppery flavor, build up to it. Start with a little arugula mixed with other greens and, if you like it, add more next time.

The recipe is based on one from Liz at FloatingKitchen who warns …

… you’ll find a hefty doze of arugula and that classic peppery taste that goes along with it. I’ve also added in some parsley and … wait for it … cauliflower!

Yes, there is cauliflower in here! But let me tell you that you can’t taste it one bit. For real. I would not lie to you about this. Don’t fear the cauliflower!

I agree with Liz. I’ve used cauliflower many times and continue to do so because i cannot taste it.


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