Being a recent convert to watermelon I was surprised to see a huge pile at the local market yesterday. Previously I’d not have noticed they were still around at this time of year.

I also found some pre-cooked quinoa in the freezer at a local supermarket. I thought that would be a handy standby for my smoothies when I had no leftovers. They were multi-bag packs each containing about a cup. It was free-flowing grain making it easy to take just the amount you need.

So, I’m all set for this delicious smoothie I found by Jules at YankeeKitchenNinja. The recipe contains many of my favorite smoothie ingredients. I adjusted it slightly, mainly because I wanted to keep the lovely pink color which would have been lost if I’d added spinach. So in went a few cauliflower florets.

I froze some leftover coconut water in an ice cube tray a little while back, so I threw some in here, too, for a little boost of electroytes.

Jules tells us …


This delicious yogurt smoothie is loaded with protein, probiotics, fiber, fresh fruit and even some secret veggies: healthy breakfast never tasted so good!


… you can use frozen watermelon instead … a great way to get the feeling of summer back any time of the year. Because of its high water content, watermelon freezes beautifully. I cut it into chunks, spread them on baking sheets, freeze until just firm, then store all the chunks in zipper bags in the freezer. Freezing them individually means you can easily remove only as many pieces as you need.


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