A Vitamin-C-rich smoothie with some Vitamin A thrown in from the mango and some protein and healthy fat from the seeds. A good way to start your day or to fill you up mid-afternoon when the munchies hit or for when you start to wane and need a boost to keep going till the end of work or dinner.

There is some red fruit and some orange fruit, too, and if you wanted to, you could throw in a little spinach or mache for green nutrients without altering the flavor.

It’s dairy-free, gluten-free and suitable for Vegans.

The recipe comes from Kelly at ThePrettyBee and you’ll find the ingredients over the page. Kelly reminds us that …

[The] vitamins may help contribute to healthy skin, eyes, and heart, in addition to boosting the immune system. And it’s delicious! An easy way to get lots of vitamins in at the start of your day.


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