We usually advocate adding protein and healthy fat to a smoothie to prevent a sugar spike when having a huge fruit smoothie. However, it is perfectly normal to eat fruit on its own, especially in ‘normal’ portion-sizes, so when I saw this beautiful, vibrant smoothie from Robyn at AddAPinch, I caved, lol! (The recipe is on the next page.)

It was a hot, summer’s day when Robyn made this for her family, but we don’t have to copy everything, lol! Enjoy this as a refreshing snack or as the fruit for your dessert.

If you like your fruit smoothies to replace a meal then add at least the Greek Yogurt Robyn suggests. I love to include oats, too, but from reading this website you’d never guess that, would you?

Robyn tells us …

I tossed a bunch of blueberries and watermelon chunks into my blender, gave it a whirl, and then added in some ice to smooth things out even more … No fancy straws needed … [nor] any other sort of frills. Even the ever so picky Little Buddy enjoyed them.


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