Don’t skip breakfast! It can slow down your metabolism meaning you’re more likely to reach for a snack before lunch, or over-eat when lunch time arrives. And of course this contributes to weight gain which, for most of us is the wrong direction! Breakfast is recognised to be one of the most important meals of the day because eating a healthy breakfast helps to keep the body in better shape and provides energy to kick-start your day. So I’m happy to share this suggestion and recipe from Ignis Natura…

A good way to start the day right is taking a healthy shake or smoothie at breakfast.

There are a variety of smoothie recipes that bring a lot of nutrients and vitamins to the body that make these become healthy and delicious drink.

We show you how to prepare a delicious and super healthy smoothie for breakfast that provides protein, iron, and is perfect for people who follow a vegetarian diet as it provides the necessary nutrients.

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