I’m not vegan, so if you are I hope you don’t mind sharing your recipes with me, pretty please? Example, this delicious berry energy-boosting smoothie from Kara at KaraLydon.com

Smoothies are a great way to start your day, however, sometimes we need extra energy in the mid afternoon to keep us going. So instead of heading for the coffee pot, why not try this tasty berry smoothie.

Kara tells us …

The foods that provide us with the most energy are the ones that have a balance of all three essential nutrients – protein, (complex) carbohydrates and fat. Because we need all three nutrients to make our bodies run efficiently. Otherwise, we’ll just putter out, like a car with no fuel in the tank.


The ingredients in this smoothie are a good source of all three nutrients and some are a good source of iron, which has been shown to impact energy levels. Other ingredients are hydrating, containing a good amount of water content and dehydration has also been shown to cause fatigue.

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