With summer season fast approaching, there’s just something I love and look forward to… peaches & strawberries. You too? For years I had these in fruit salads, but I recently came across a delicious smoothie recipe – from Tia (at tiaskitchen.com) – which combines my favorite summer fruit combo with my regular green smoothie…

This one also includes pineapple, so it’s easy to get more green into your life – a bit like having a refreshing, healthy green smoothie that takes you straight to the beach!

This amazing summer green smoothie will help you get your daily vitamins, minerals and fiber. Make this summer green smoothie a regular part of your diet to help you stay on the right track, and enjoy the healthy lifestyle with your family.

Here’s what Tia says about her summer green smoothie…

This one combines my current favorite Summer Smoothie and my old work horse – Green Smoothie to make a Summer Green Smoothie. Like how inventive I get with my titles?

I used spinach instead of kale because I wanted the flavors of that wonderful summer fruit to shine through. The peaches and strawberries are my favorite.

… I get so sad when the summer ends, and I can’t get my peaches and strawberries at my local farmers’ market anymore.

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