Ever tried to re-create a favorite flavor in your green smoothie?

I came across a delicious combo that also brings a huge range of health benefits. This awesome mix turns an ordinary green smoothie smoothie into something special – delicious and nutritious.

According to care2.com,

  • peanut butter is an amazing source of protein and of potassium, and these can lower the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.
  • Bananas help you achieve your weight-loss objectives and keep your bowel movements regular.

I’m happy to share this healthy green smoothie recipe from Trang (at Wild Wild Whisk site). (I just wish I’d invented this recipe myself!)

Here’s Trang to introduce it…

…this banana peanut butter green smoothie is alright in my book, thanks to my smoothie buddy/neighbor who suggested peanut butter, it definitely adds a yum factor here.

Nutty, banana-y, sweetened only with banana…

Add heart-healthy flaxseed and you’ve got yourself a morning power smoothie.

Blending instead of juicing also helps me stay somewhat fuller longer, thanks to all the fiber.

And the best thing is… this actually tastes REALLY GOOD! I actually look forward to making this smoothie every morning. Healthy and satisfying, two birds with one stone, guys!

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