Here’s a surprising delicious treat from a healthy green smoothie!

Some recipes are designed for specific purposes. For example, a green smoothie could be good for detoxifying, immunity boosting, energy boosting, and many more.

However, most smoothies are made to simply taste great and give your body access to fresh and raw ingredients. And if there are adjustments needed to meet your flavor preferences or dietary requirements, then go for it! Every smoothie should work for you and your family!

Earlier, I stumbled across an awesome website where I hope the recipe is right up your street! Its a breakfast Green Smoothie that’s almost perfect by Maria (from Spinach 4 Breakfast website)!

Nothing fancy, containing natural and healthy ingredients.

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But before that, here’s something from Maria…

It actually tastes pretty freaking amazing. So anyone who wants to try a green smoothie for the first time, or attempt to get their boyfriend to drink one, this recipe is gold!


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