We’re approaching the end of the pomegranate season so I want to squeeze in another tasty pomegranate smoothie recipe.

This one is from Kara, The Foodie Dietitian, and the details are on the next page. As well as pomegranate, it also contains coconut milk, which makes it filling as well as metabolism-boosting. Then add to that the ginger that will help fight cold bugs, and we’re onto another winter winner for our healthy eating weight loss program.

Kara tells us that …

… pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, which can help protect against chronic disease. I love the ruby red color of pomegranate arils and their sweet-tart taste. The smoothie is rounded out with spicy ginger and tropical coconut. I use canned coconut milk in this recipe to give it a little more creaminess and a more indulgent, rich, satisfying taste.


Why You Need this Recipe In Your Life:


Easy to make in under 5 minutes.
Tastes sweet, spicy, tropical and decadent.
Good-for-you fats
Seasonal ingredients
Reminds you of spring and 56 degree temps


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