We all know… for a healthy life, we should eat more leafy green vegetables. But what if I don’t like some of greens, even in a glass of green smoothie?

Well, I’m aware of the long term health benefits of green smoothies and “superfood” ingredients make it even more worth while.

So I’m delighted to have discovered the easy answer – fruit can help mask the veggie flavors I like less and provides natural sweetness to the smoothie. Not only do they taste great, but you can build a set of your own favorite recipes custom-tailored to your personal dietary priorities and favorite flavors.  It can be big step towards helping you to stay “healthy”.

If you’re looking for something refreshing from an incredible super green smoothie, here’s the perfect recipe for you from Signe (at A Million Miles website).

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But before that, here’s how Signe describes it…

…where this green smoothie comes in, it is one of my absolute favorite smoothie recipes and it is perfect for camouflaging the flavor of especially green superfoods.

The pineapple and lime gives it a nice tropical taste and even the ones who usually do not like green smoothies seems to love this one – haha it even has my dads approval!!

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