Healthy chocolate! Yes, this is a rich tasting super smoothie, creamy in texture and stuffed with nutrient-dense foods. It’ll satisfy the strongest chocolate cravings while balancing your diet with nutritional goodness.

This one’s from Traci York (at Vanilla and Bean) where she shares a recipe with incredibly healthy superfood ingredients – raw cacao and hemp heart. These have a great amount of fiber, and nutrients such as magnesium and more.

Also contains antioxidants that help avoid cellular damage – the common pathway for cancer and a variety of other diseases.

In addition, the awesome healthy flavor serves as a stress-reliever and give you a welcome boost…always in a good mood.

In all, a delicious and healthy recipe – you must try this amazing chocolate, green smoothie, that you can share and enjoy with your kids and family.

As Traci says…

A chocolate green smoothie to sooth your sweet tooth and your conscience. I know, there are so many green smoothie recipes out there, each one with their own twist or list of ingredients.

But what I really appreciate about the myriad of green smoothie options is being able to try them and experience the variety of flavors all mixed up and smoothed out together.

Isn’t it fun!? And oh there are so many possibilities!

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