I heard a joke recently that just encapsulated my weight loss success for many years.

Maggie determined last new year to lose 10 lbs. When asked this new year how she got on, she answered she only had 15 lbs to go!

OK I know I’m terrible at telling jokes, but the point is there just the same, and I’m sure you get it. That is most definitely NOT where I want to be at the end of this year – so I’m continuing to use smoothies as part of my weight loss program to keep on the right track.


Smoothies are generally considered healthy. However, many smoothie recipes contain 1-2 tablespoons of honey, or in the case of one we have reworked here, a fourth of a cup of honey! That’s 258 calories in the honey alone. Just think of all the healthy add-ins you could have instead!

And I never cease to be amazed where I find hidden sugar in products I purchase. It can be difficult to escape it, unless you take control for what you eat into your own hands.


So What Is The Secret to Effective Weight Loss?

The secret to lowering the calories in MY smoothies was simple: I stopped adding sugars!

If that’s a long way from where you are at the moment, how do you get to that point?

There is no easy answer. It’s PERSEVERANCE, especially while the enthusiasm to lose weight is high, for it’s nearly impossible when motivation is low. So DO IT NOW.

Cut it!

Cold turkey!

It’s the only way. Persevere without the sugar. I was totally surprised how quickly I got through it and began to notice natural sweetness I hadn’t been aware of for years and how quickly no added sugar become normal.

“But That’s Impossible for Me!” I hear you say


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