Having grown up with porridge for breakfast, oats are still a regular part of my diet, either as porridge or as meusli in the warmer months. I’ve even been known to throw some into main courses to thicken the sauce. And oat cookies, well … what can I say, lol!

Nowadays I have oats in my smoothies, too. (And I try to resist the cookies!)

Oats are excellent for heart health, keeping arteries free from damage-inducing cholesterol. They are filling and rich in fiber.

Did I mention I love oats – in any form? So when I saw this recipe for overnight oats from Ciara Attwell at MyFussyEater, I jumped at it. (I have some soaking in the refrigerator at the moment and I just have to decide whether to eat them as is or to throw them into the blender, lol!  No, scratch that; between writing this and getting it posted, I ate them, lol!)

Ciara says …

I think this is an excellent well balanced breakfast for children (and adults too!), containing a good amount of fat and protein to fill them up and enough slow-releasing carbs to keep them full until lunchtime.


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