A tasty and filling chocolate and coconut smoothie meal to help with our healthy eating weight loss program. Folks assume when they see chocolate in the title that we’re encouraging sweet smoothies. However, natural cacao/cocoa is unsweetened and we do not encourage added sweeteners, thinking it better to get natural sweetness from the fruit we add.

To this end, remember ripe fruit is sweeter than unripe. And bananas are excellent for the job, especially when you use well-spotted almost-but-not-quite black bananas. When you notice they are ‘turning’ is the time to chop them up and freeze them. As well as adding creaminess and a great chill factor to your smoothies, this also prevents waste.

This smoothie is rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber, plus other nutrients. And with the coconut it can speed up metabolism, and is heart-healthy.

The recipe is based on one from Emily at Love A Latte who says …

I honestly would choose this smoothie over a Starbucks frappuccino. It’s like a million times better for me and it leaves me feeling happy + fueled.


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